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Aischa Energy of Africa & Mkangawi Akinwunmi CHAKA

Thank for photos from Klára Olivová

Equipment for new homes is ready <3. Puppies have 8 weeks and will be going to new families <3 <3 <3

CELESTE CRYSTAL Energy of Africa (27.month)
(AISCHA Energy of Africa & Zamboo of Malabo Apd)
Open class:
18.8. Exc. 2 Res. CAC /6 Judge: László Erdős (H)
19.8. Exc. 1 CAC /8 Judge: Constantinos Andreou (CYP)
Celeste confirmed the conditions for the title Slovak champion !!!
I’m very proud of my livernose girl !!!

Štěňátka mají dnes 3. týdny, jejich váha je 1900 – 2250g!
Puppies have today 3.week, their weight is 1900 – 2250 g!

Štěňátka mají dnes 2. týdny, jejich váha je 1400 – 1620 g!
Puppies have today 2.week, their weight is 1400 – 1620 g!